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What Susan can provide for you

The experience of loss is really in our minds

the soul continues to remain connected. -SG

Intuitive Life Path Readings

Susan's Intuitive Life Path Readings offer guidance and insight to all of your unanswered questions. The readings promote new realizations, shifts in perspective, and choices that allow you to continue onto the next phase in your journey. Intuitive Life Path Readings lend ease and clarity on your souls life purpose. This deeper understanding highlights areas of confusion that will elicit unwanted patterns, overcome challenges, and make your lifes dreams a reality.

Mediumship Readings

A Medium has the ability to connect with your loved ones whom have passed over. Susan is a Master Evidential Medium. Spirit provides Susan evidence in forms of: names, songs, numbers or specific memories. In doing so, it will help solidify that your loved one is present in session and your life. Susan’s Mediumship Readings can be exceptionally healing and provide closure and reaffirm that your loved ones are always with you.

Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression

Exploring past life regression through hypnosis is a new form of spiritual awakening. It offers an opportunity to have an actual conscious experience of the spiritual knowledge that resides within your own mind. In your normal conscious state, these memories are hidden. But with deep hypnosis we can make a connection that lets you experience your soul memories. Often this will create a feeling of wholeness as you experience yourself in an expanded state of awareness and access the wisdom and love that exists within you. The benefit of this kind of experience is to help you move beyond daily struggles to an inner peace and oneness through self-discovery.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a healing technique that Susan uses to channel your energy and balance it throughout the body. Susan uses Pendulums, as well as Crystals, during the Reiki sessions to restore your physical and emotional well-being. Susan will hang the pendulum over your chakras to guide her to areas needing to be opened, balanced, cleansed and closed. Clients frequently seek out Susan's Reiki wanting alternative forms of healing for cancers, expectant mothers needing relief from pregnancy related symptoms, or simply needing an energy balance from within.

Spiritual & Life Coaching

Spiritual Healing begins when energy and guidance is transmitted from the healer to the recipient. Spiritual Healing is an all-encompassing technique reaching mind, body, and spirit. The word "spiritual" refers to the divine nature of the energy, which healers agree comes from an external invisible source. This healing energy is available to all. Healers view the mind, body, and spirit as one interdependent unit, and believe all three must work harmoniously to maintain positive health. A Life Coaching session assists in getting you to a place where you feel confident, and able to trust yourself to figure "it" out. The desire to move past barriers and get to the connection that seems beyond your reach. Susan will help widen your focus, and gain new perspective of all that you are and can become.

Chakra Clearing & Cleansing

Chakra balancing is based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras, or energy centers within your body. These energy centers are believed to be located at specific points between the base of the spine and the top of the skull. These chakras are believed to relate to particular organs of the body, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. Chakra balancing is believed to promote health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body. By maximizing the flow of energy in your body, you are left feeling calmer and better able to navigate through emotional and physical ailments.

Rune & Pendulum Readings

Susan has mastered various forms of healing such as Pendulum Readings, in which a crystal hangs from a string. Susan uses Spirit to guide her to what areas need to be opened, balanced, cleansed and closed. Spirit creates a vibrational energy through Susan's hands to direct the Pendulum back and forth, or in a circular rotation. In doing this, the pendulums lend answers to the questions you've been needing clarity and guidance with.

Other Services Available

Additionally, Susan has been trained and certified in several other modalities, such as:

  • Aura Readings
  • Angel & Tarot Card Readings
  • Platform Readings
  • Group Readings
  • Phone / FaceTime / Skype Readings
  • Email Readings
  • Clearings & Cleansing of Homes