About Susan

My Journey through the light

When you can experience this world on a soul level,

you begin to understand your journey. -SG

Vision & Mission

My goal is to provide you with the healing you need, direction you seek, and to share my gift for all who have the courage to reach out. Allow me to guide you on this Spiritual journey to impart the clarity and understanding in what is waiting for us all. After a healing session with me, there will be an understanding that you are enough, you are loved, and you are not alone.

My Journey

I’d like to share with you how I've come to this place, my incredible journey, and why I want to share my amazing gift with others. Simply put, I am a healer and have been a healer my entire life. I believe I’ve always possessed these extraordinary gifts, and my first memory began when I was a small child.

At 4 ½ years old, I had a profound Near Death Experience also known as an (NDE). I was locked in an unplugged freezer in my parents garage.

I remember being frightened and screaming with all of my might, and then there was peace. I was shown magnificent things while I waited without fear, and being held by what I chose to call, my Angels. I felt the presence of a "Divine Being" envelop me then I let go. My Mother told me later she had heard a "very strong" whisper in her ear saying, "Your baby is in the freezer". She ran out to the garage, opened up the freezer and there I was, and as I fell to the floor that precious breath of life came through me. From that moment on I could feel, see, hear and communicate with Spirits.

My souls journey is to help others heal. I understand my truths, embraced my journey and have taken ownership of my gift. I accept my Earthly calling in assisting my clients to communicate with their loved ones and in turn, learning to help them find clarity in the process. So here I am, ready to serve and share this gift I was given.

My heart is full with humility and gratitude. I am not only thankful for this gift from the Spirit world, but for all who continue to believe in me. Finding: love, serenity, peace, joy, understanding, and healing are the goals most of us strive for in our lifetime. I can offer you guidance from the other side and a Spiritual awareness, from the place I choose to call Heaven and from the God of my understanding, to help you achieve those goals. Blessings.

Peace, love and light my friends.


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